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Skips are the best way to remove household rubbish

One of the most useful, and most common types of waste remover is the traditional skip. Typically skips are yellow or blue in colour, they are large metal “bins” designed to hold the weight of building supplies and other heavy materials which often arise from building sites. As skips are quite expensive to purchase brand new, many people decide to rent them for a set amount of time.

Skips are ideal for small or large projects, as they enable you to move all waste at the same time, rather than clearing bit by bit, which can take up a lot of precious time. Skip hire is available up and down the country, and can be fairly cheap if you know where to go.

The first thing to do before hiring your skip, is to choose the right type of skip as skips come in such a large range of sizes. This may seem unimportant at first, but if you choose the wrong size at the beginning, it could leave you with disastrous consequences down the line. It's always better to choose a bigger size if you are unsure, that way at least you will have too much space rather than too little.

There are a few mainstream sizes of skip, which are listed below. Exact sizes will usually vary depending on the company you choose to rent from, but these sizes should act as a rough guide. Next to each skip size, we have listed the various jobs which are suitable with this size of skip.

3 Yard – A 3 yard skip is ideal for small housing and garden jobs, where the amount of waste will not be huge. Typical examples would be getting rid of a bath and sink, and perhaps a few wall tiles. 3 Yard skips can be difficult to get hold of, so it's worth looking around to find the most suitable skip for your needs.

4 Yard – 4 yard skips are much the same as the 3 Yard skips, just with that little bit extra room. A 4 yard skip is ideal for kitchen re fits, and again bathroom changes. 4 Yard skips are pretty common and easy to find, and are small enough to fit comfortably into most house driveways.

6 Yard – The 6 yard skip is ideal for small building jobs, and slightly more mainstream jobs that require a bit of room. Typically used to dispose of old waling and plasterboard, the 6 Yard can also be used for large kitchen jobs, or large garden jobs where a lot of waste material is coming out.

8 Yard – The 8 yard skip is one of the most popular skips in existence and is the most popular choice when someone is looking for skip hire. It is large enough to fit a lot of heavy waste from many various different jobs around the home, whilst still being compact enough to not obscure the driveway or street. Nearly all skip hire companies in the UK will offer 8 Yard skips, so getting hold of one shouldn't be a problem

10 Yard – The 10 yard tent is used for jobs where the 8 yard won't quite be big enough, or in many cases, where companies have run out of the 8 yard skips. Can be used with many household jobs, professional contractors and builders will use the 10 yard skip in building sites as a way of moving as much waste as possible. Not so easy to find as the 8 yard, but still fairly popular.

12 Yard – Ideal for large home clearances, the 12 Yard skip can handle whole house clear outs, ideal for getting rid of old tubing, piping, walls, tiles and anything else which may be dug out. Getting hold of one of these skips is fairly easy, and most local companies should offer a 12 yard or similar option, as the demand is high.

Prices of hiring skips can vary greatly, mainly due to the size of skip in question as well as the distance the skip has to be delivered. It was once said that the price of hiring a skip could vary by up to £300, depending on the post code, although this seems to be a bit of an old wives tale. When hiring a skip, you will be asked a few questions which all help to determine the final price you will be quoted, we take out the hassle of this for you as when you fill in our quick enquiry form, at the top of the page, we will provide you the best skip hire prices available anywhere.

Where the skip is located comes into it, and if the skip is going to be based on public, rather than private property you may expect to see yourself paying a lot more. The type of materials which will be loaded into the skip also play a big part, especially if the company is taking away the material with them to dispose off. Nowadays, most skip hire companies will try and recycle as much or the material as they can, to help them save costs from getting rid of the rest of the material.

Finding a suitable skip hire company can sometimes seem hard, as you have to be careful to avoid bad untrustworthy companies, as they do exist which is why only provide you with quotes from 100% trusted and reputable companies.


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